About Us

De Levante y Asociados is a Certified Public Accountant firm that has to offer accounting, auditing and tax services for clients local and abroad establishing offices or subsidiary in Panama. De Levante & Asociados, S.A. was born from the dream of a ambitious and innovative young man who wanted a better life for his family and had the drive to open his own business. Thus, in 1955 after many years of accounting experience Allan Lascelles De Levante made his dream a reality. That year he opened a small accounting firm which offered, among the more usual accounting services of bookkeeping, income tax preparation, and financial advising, the then very innovative concept of “outsourcing”.Since then the company has remained the same, until it got its new name on June 13th of 2002 the company was branded with the name De Levante y Asociados in memory of its late founders legacy.


Business size

11-25 employees

Commercial presence